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Do your research. Fucking read. Stimulate your mind. Challenge yourself.  Don’t be just a puppet on a string.


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"One of Nadal’s strengths is that he’s so humble, that he’s surprised at what he has achieved, and that he has never bought into his greatness."

- JIM COURIER (via rafaelnadalfans)


"In your career you have a lot of good moments and bad ones. The important thing is to have enough motivation to keep working all the days with humility and trying to be a better player than before. I am going to try to continue doing this."

- Rafael Nadal (via itsquoted)

staring into the stars. from gooner_14 on 8tracks Radio.

a mix made for this season! please try.

staring into the stars.

your age is inversely proportional to your liking of the rainy season.

"We can’t jump off bridges anymore because our iPhones will get ruined. We can’t take skinny dips in the ocean, because there’s no service on the beach and adventures aren’t real unless they’re on Instagram. Technology has doomed the spontaneity of adventure and we’re helping destroy it every time we Google, check-in, and hashtag."

- Jeremy Glass, We Can’t Get Lost Anymore  (via scared-eyes)

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